Tariq Amini


Since 2019, Tariq Amini has been actively engaged in teaching within England. Throughout his teaching journey he has gained valuable experience instructing diverse age groups, spanning from young learners to adults. His teaching engagements have covered a spectrum of subjects including elementary education and more advanced topics such as computing, business, media, leadership and social studies at middle and high school levels. 

Harnessing his passion as a business entrepreneur, Tariq adeptly intertwines practical experiences to illustrate the application of theoretical concepts. This skill serves as a powerful instrument for enriching the learning experiences of various types of learners. 


Tariq graduated from the University of Bradford (UK) with a BSc in IT Management, MSc Management Consultancy and a PGCE Applied ICT from Leeds Metropolitan University (UK).  

About Tariq

Originating from Bradford, United Kingdom his upbringing took place there. Despite his flourishing family textiles business his fervent enthusiasm for teaching has led him to become a part of Valley Forge Academy Qatar. 


At the core of his teaching philosophy lies the principle that ‘every learner matters,’ irrespective of their origins or capabilities. Tariq is a married and a father of three children. Beyond his teaching pursuits he derives enjoyment from a diverse array of activities including swimming, football, water sports and exploring theme parks across the globe. Moreover he actively seeks to broaden his horizons by immersing himself in different cultures with regular visits to Mecca and Medina being among his pursuits.