We Are
Valley Forge

Valley Forge Academy will have at its heart a dynamic, inspirational and innovative academic environment which will emphasize high-quality teaching, independent learning and advanced technology. Using continuous assessment of learning, effective tracking and data analytics we will be able to customize individual educational plans, implement regular one to one tutoring and infuse a culture of continuing personal development.

Quality and innovation founded in tradition

We will deliver the highest quality education, delivered by inspirational and creative teachers, to motivated and aspirational learners. Using the latest technology and teaching methods, we will provide an educational experience to the individual strengths and goals of each learner.

Students will have individual goals based on prior performance, expectations and motivation. Success will be measured not just by academic progress but also reflection on the Academy cornerstones and critical literacies.

State-of-the-art Campus

While it’s true that the heart of Valley Forge lies with the people – our faculty, staff, students, families and alumni – the bricks and mortar, and the technology available throughout every grade level, are important components in creating a state-of-the-art learning environment.

High-tech labs

Walking around the Valley Forge Academy you can see and feel the infusion of technology into the culture and fabric of the Academy at all grade levels. Our teachers are constantly building an environment that is forward focused and prepares students to navigate successfully whatever the future may bring.

Sports and Extracurricular activities

Our unique programs in STEM activities, e-Sports , academic competitions including Debate Team and Model UN, and Music and Theatre contribute to the development of the young men of the Academy following the cornerstones of our philosophy. Our extensive athletics programs help our students become physically fit young men ready to compete in all aspects of life. We expect to offer many sports with expert coaching and opportunities for high level competition

Molding Boys into Young Men

This is the heart of the Valley Forge Academy experience. By building a nurturing yet challenging environment where learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom, we build future leaders, committed to their community and ready to handle the challenges of life.

Commitment to Academy students is pervasive throughout all aspects of our operations. Our curriculum mirroring that of our sister school in the United States but with a Qatari flavor, ensures learning meets exacting standards of both Qatar and the United States.

The campus spans over
Student capacity
Full range of athletic extra-curricular activities including
Golf, Fencing, Rock Climbing, & Martial Arts
First Gaming Facilities
developed in a school in Qatar

Secure your Son's Future!

Valley Forge Academy Will Have At Its Heart a Dynamic, Inspirational and Innovative Academic Environment!