Valley Forge Academy encourages and promotes extracurricular activities in a vibrant and inclusive manner. Our students are creative and talented in athletics, academic competition, and visual and performing arts.


A student may achieve great success in the field of academics; may be an outstanding athlete; and may distinguish themselves in many fields. However, if they lack basic values and a positive attitude combined with a sense of honor and integrity, their accomplishments will not be a credit to them. Valley Forge Academy believes firmly that the five cornerstones are values that the boys must demonstrate and live by on a daily basis. It is a commitment to the culture of the school, its beliefs, and values.

Five Cornerstones of
Valley Forge

Our Leadership Development Program, Various athletic activities and competitions allow our students to develop in both mind and body

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Our philosophy at Valley Forge is to improve the total individual in a comprehensive system of self and group improvement. We strive to educate every student in a manner that contributes to and reinforces the students’ capabilities to confidently seek and accomplish the challenges of life. Valley Forge Academy pursues this goal by using the holistic academic and non-academic environment to prepare its graduates to become educated citizens of character

Sports & e-Sports

Our unique programs in STEM activities, e-Sports, academic competitions including Debate Team and Model UN, and Music and Theatre contribute to the growth of our students outside the classroom. Our extensive athletics programs help our students become physically fit young men ready to compete in all aspects of life. We expect to offer basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, golf, track and field, fencing as introductory programs.

The School will encourage students to participate in the various activities and academic societies, scientific and technical clubs, performing and creative arts clubs, speech and drama, environmental clubs and other skills such as first aid and lifesaving. Through the opportunities presented by House participation and Student Government, and a Voluntary Service Club students will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and teamwork.