Sabrina Castro-Zolezzi


Sabrina has been teaching for two years including first grade at Valley Forge Academy Qatar and English as a Second Language to students from Grades 1-12 in Montreal, Canada. Sabrina taught English in the International Baccalaureate program for students in Grade 9. She has also taught English to college students and adults who had recently moved to Canada during her time there. She has additional experience in one-on-one tutoring for primary students in English.


She holds a Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language from Concordia University, and obtained a Canadian teaching certification in Montreal, Canada.

About Sabrina

As an educator, she believes that creating a safe and inclusive environment where all students feel valued and respected should be the priority. She emphasizes the importance of creating a supportive and collaborative learning space to ensure students feel comfortable sharing their critical ideas and thoughts with one another.
Outside of work, Sabrina loves spending time at the gym and working on her fitness. She enjoys travelling and learning new languages such as Italian, Portuguese, and even Korean. On the weekends, she binge watches her favorite show Friends or goes shopping at the mall.