Maryan Cige Moxamed


My name is Maryan Cige Moxamed and I am a high school English teacher with a specialization in teaching English as a second language. With over 8 years of English teaching experience I have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by non-native speakers. My teaching experience extends to China, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Kuwait and now Qatar. Furthermore, I have experience leading the English department in the Senior School level, in fostering a love of the subject at every level and promoting it within the School.


I graduated from Roehampton University London with a teaching English Language degree specializing in understanding how English is learnt, taught and tested.

About Maryan

I am committed to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all my students. In addition I believe that reading is the foundation for success in life so I encourage my students to read widely and often. My approach to teaching involves interactive discussions and exercises that allow students to exercise their critical thinking skills.  Furthermore, I am a patient and caring teacher, and I always make sure that my students feel comfortable and confident in their ability to learn English.