Maria Johnson


Maria has been in the educational field since 2007; with experience in teaching from Kindergarten to High School. She has taught in the US, Guatemala and Qatar. She also participated in the “III Jornadas de ELE” in Russia as a speaker. 


She’s an educator specialized in learning disabilities and psychologist. Her multiethnic and multilingual background inspired her to study a Master’s in Linguistics Applied to Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. 

About Maria

Maria’s teaching philosophy centers around empowering every student to assume an engaged role in their individual learning journey. She promotes the creation of a nurturing and inclusive classroom setting, fostering an environment in which students feel esteemed and motivated to articulate their thoughts and ideas. Tailoring instructional methods to accommodate a variety of learning styles, needs and capabilities, Maria strives to encourage critical thinking, ingenuity, and an enduring passion for learning. By facilitating open discussions, experiential learning opportunities, hands on activities and the integration of real-world contexts, she aspires to equip students not only with academic knowledge but also with the competencies essential to thrive in a dynamic world and their personal life. Together, Maria and her students embark on an exploratory journey, celebrating and embracing both personal and academic advancement. 

She enjoys contact sports, spending time with her dogs, gardening, walking on nature trails, reading, cooking, and any type of art. She also loves learning random interesting facts! Did you know a group of penguins in the water is called a raft but on land they are called a waddle?