Lilean Cole


Ms. Lilean Cole has been teaching for 20 years. She has taught in various international schools and has used various curriculums in countries including Jamaica, United States, United Arab Emirates and Ghana – West Africa.


Ms. Lilean Cole is a teacher from Jamaica. She holds a Teaching Diploma in Early Childhood Education, An International Diploma in teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Literacy Studies – Language Education. Her experience working as a certified journalist has also allowed her to develop a broad interest and focus on the uses of the English language across several learning domains, and have used several strategies to approach her lessons and instructions using the understanding of various approaches to learning through the acquisition of the English Language.

About Lilean

Ms. Lilean Cole believes every child can learn, and that every child in her care must learn. She employs a variety of learning approaches that allows meaningful engagement and interactions between the teacher and learner, which creates various avenues for communication. She sees each lesson as an adventure which leaves impressions on bothe the teacher and the learner. She also relies on a variety of assessment methods to help establish general ideas of the whole child, from which she is better able to make ‘next step’ decisions to suit the unique skills and abilities of the learner.