Kiersten Pfeffer Ri-Lee


Mrs. Pfeffer Ri-Lee has been teaching for 13 years. She has over 10 years of experience teaching at various international schools in countries including Mongolia, China, and Albania.


Mrs. Kiersten Pfeffer Ri-Lee is a teacher from the United States of America. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in International Teaching with a focus on Literature and the Humanities. Her unique background in special education as an assistant has helped to form her approaches to creating the classroom environment and making the content accessible to all students.

About Mrs.Ri-Lee

Mrs. Pfeffer Ri-Lee believes in using a child-centered approach to learning. She strives to make all lessons taught meaningful, engaging for the learners, and fun. While the learning is guided by assessment and observation, the characteristics and unique strengths of her students are taken into account in each lesson and their voices in feedback make her lessons more child-centered.

Mrs. Pfeffer Ri-Lee loves to travel and learn about different cultures. She takes great joy in reading books and learning languages. She loves trying new foods and exploring cultural sites and museums. She