Julia Rodrigues


Julia has been working as an English teacher since 2018 for students aged from 3 to 15 years old. She had worked in bilingual schools following American, Canadian and British curriculum. Also had worked and helped developed bilingual programs in different schools in Brazil.
She also had the opportunity to work with Spanish speakers while studying and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Julia has a bachelor’s degree in history, which enlights her cares to different cultures and backgrounds while teaching any topic. She also has a pos graduation diploma on Bilingual Methodology by OPET University, which besides give a closer look to the acquisition of a new language to a non-native specker. Provides a great asset to understand non- native speakers and their process whilst learning a second language, quickly recognizing student’s difficulties and interpretations in both vocabulary and grammar. She also obtained her TEFL qualification in Buenos Aires, always focusing her studies thought out the perspective of non-native speaker in how to learn English. 

About Julia

Her teaching methodology is student-centered, following a constructivist perspective on education, thus giving the students the opportunity to be the main actors of their learning process. Besides the theoretical knowledge, she believes that being a non-native speaker teacher can provide a safer and more relatable environment for the students, who will be able to see someone who went through their same needs in the learning process. 
Her efforts to become a better teacher do not end there. She keeps on studying and looking for ways to create safe and meaningful conditions to develop her students’ abilities to the fullest.
When not in the classroom, Julia spends time discovering and exploring music and films. She also enjoys cooking and trying new cuisines, reading, traveling, going to the beach and doing puzzles.