Jihene Ghabi


My teaching experience started with Valley Forge Academy Qatar. I have been working as a learning assistant for the last year with the kindergarten pupils.


My educational background includes my bachelor’s degree in finance, economic and banking, in addition to my master’s degree in financial engineering.

About Jihene

I have developed excellent communication and problem solving skills through my experience in the financial field and i’m excited to bring these skills to my new role in the educational field.
With the professional trainings I received in Valley Forge, the continued support and supervision, i believe that i have significantly progressed in my role.
I believe that each child is an individual and as an educator i will value and develop each child’s strength, interests, skills abilities, and knowledge to extend their learning, while providing an environment where they can explore, discover create and imagine.
Outside of work i love to get lost in a book and escape into different worlds. I enjoy listening to music and being physically active.