Dominic Fatinkun


Dominic brings 13 years of teaching experience to the table, covering a wide spectrum of grade levels and curricula. He has effectively taught both American and British curricula, specializing in EAL/EFL methods. His teaching journey has encompassed various age groups, ranging from young learners to adults, and he has skillfully managed grade levels spanning from 1 to 6. Dominic’s teaching footprint can be traced across countries such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Kuwait, and Qatar.


Dominic holds an M.A.Ed. from the University of Central Lancashire, an International PGCE from the University of Derby, CELTA certification from Cambridge University, and is a Certified IELTS examiner by the British Council.

About Dominic

Dominic’s philosophy centers on the value of focus and preparation. He firmly believes that practice paves the path to perfection and that today’s groundwork is a cornerstone for a triumphant future. Dominic places great emphasis on cultivating positive relationships to ensure that lasting and affirmative learning outcomes are achieved for students.

Dominic hails from the UK, born and raised. His love for the great outdoors is matched by his dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Beyond his professional pursuits, Dominic finds joy in exploring new places, delving into literature, and cherishing moments with his family.