Ms. Carolina: Grade 7C Homeroom Teacher, Grade 7 English Language Arts  

Experience: My name is Carolina Bottura Jose, or Ms. Bottura. I have been a teacher for 23 years now and the bulk of my experience is on ELA and ESL both at Middle School and High School levels. I have taught in Brazil, Mexico, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Myanmar; and I have worked as a curriculum developer in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. I am extremely excited to be back in the Middle East, but mainly to be in the Gulf Region for the first time ever.

Education:  I graduated at Universidade de Sao Paulo with a BA in Languages. I have recently acquired a Master’s in Education at Moreland University, specializing in International School Education and a Teacher Certification Program.

About Carolina: I am passionate about teaching and learning. In 23 years of teaching experience, I have witnessed a lot of what the human mind and ingenuity can do if empowered and taught to do good, have integrity and be guided by strong values and principles. I honestly can’t wait to keep witnessing that through my practice. Every. Single. Day. My lessons are built to cater for students of all levels to develop to their full potential, through a collaborative, hands-on approach centered in the students. I believe that empowers and motivates learners to become better.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and everything that comes with it: visiting unique places; appreciating unique cuisines; learning unique languages; and experiencing new cultures so I can have exciting (and sometimes hilarious!) stories to tell. I am also very interested in yoga, swimming, and cooking.