Afaf Lashuel


Afaf Lashuel is a dedicated Arabic teacher specializing in teaching multilingual learners. Before joining Valley Forge Academy – Qatar, she worked in the American International School in Jeddah (AISJ), Saudi Arabia, for eight years.   In her previous school, she worked with students in grades Pre-K to 5th  and enjoyed teaching both native Arabic speakers and non-native speakers. 


Ms. Lashuel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Sana’a University, a teaching certification, and a Master’s in multilingual Education from Moreland University. Her motto in teaching is to be fair to all students.

About Afaf

In addition to teaching Arabic, she also taught Islamic studies for grades 1 to 5. Ms. Lashuel had also taught Arabic and Islamic studies in New York City, where she lived for more than seventeen years. Afaf’s early beginnings in Yemen, life in New York City, and Jeddah, KSA have inspired her commitment to promoting multiculturalism and diversity while cherishing the richness of the Arabic language and culture in addition to the values of the Islamic faith. She believes strongly that educators should be fair to all students.