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Why Valley Forge

Valley Forge Academy Qatar is a college preparatory school for boys, offering grades Pre-K through high school Grade 12.

Since 1928 when Valley Forge was founded in Pennsylvania, USA, it has established a long tradition of developing young men of character. The Valley Forge philosophy is built on Five Cornerstones: Academic Excellence, Character Development, Personal Motivation, Physical Development, and Leadership.

Valley Forge Academy in Qatar is born out of a partnership with the Valley Forge Military Academy (“Valley Forge-USA”) in Pennsylvania, United States. Valley Forge-USA will provide guidance on educational integrity and strategic direction; sharing experience and resources as necessary and appropriate.  Valley Forge-USA has been in operation for nearly 100 years providing a rich tradition of educational excellence and personal development that has produced many alumni that have gained international prominence ranging from Presidents of countries, high ranking Government officials and prominent professional athletes as well as many successful Qatari graduates


Our mission is to develop individuals within a tightly structured holistic learning environment who are strong in mind body and soul: prepared to become responsible and informed citizens.


Our vision is to be a shining beacon, calling young men from around the world to achieve their full intellectual, physical, moral and leadership potential.

A place to learn and grow together

The Academy is a leadership institution focused on developing the whole person from the early developmental stages in Kindergarten through to Grade 12 and University. The Academy will include University Dual Enrolment enhancing University transition. This is done using the creative and rigor of the American and Valley Forge curriculum while focusing on Qatari Values, culture, history, and religion.

Forging Boys into Young Men

Developing boys into young men of character is not easy. It requires a holistic approach: mind, body and soul. And, as a parent, it is hard to do it alone. It really does take a village. Most schools don’t offer the kind of structure and discipline that boys need to grow into their full potential. That is what Valley Forge Academy will do. We help mould boys into young men who are leaders in their communities, ready to handle the challenges of life. You know the potential your son has. You have a vision for him, for who you want him to be when he grows up. A man of character, integrity, self-discipline. Confident. Strong. Ready to take on the world.

Valley Forge Academy will take as its inspiration both the richness of the wider Arab and Islamic environment and the international nature of Qatar and its people, and develop young, motivated leaders, always striving fully to reach their fullest potential. They will contribute positively to society and be fully aware of the benefits they have gained from a good education. Tolerance and respect for all cultures, compassion, self-discipline, imagination, flexibility and resilience, sound judgement and moral courage will envelop all that the School does.

Campus of over 420,000 ft²

Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Pre K-12th Grade

Capacity of up to 1,700 boys

Tradition and legacy of over 90 years in a 21st Century School.

First U.S. based school in Qatar.

Full range of extra-curricular sports including golf, fencing and martial arts

First Gaming Facilities developed in a school in Qatar

5 Cornerstones as guiding principles

Purpose built school project of over 55,000ft²

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